A condition in which a person’s airways become inflamed, narrow and swell, and produce extra mucus, which makes it difficult to breathe. Asthma can be minor or it can interfere with daily activities. In some cases, it may lead to a life-threatening attack. Asthma may cause difficulty breathing, chest pain, cough, and wheezing. The symptoms may sometimes flare-up. Asthma can usually be managed with rescue inhalers to treat symptoms (albuterol) and controller inhalers that prevent symptoms (steroids). Severe cases may require longer-acting inhalers that keep the airways open (formoterol, salmeterol, tiotropium), as well as oral steroids.

The Study

  • Doctors at Clinical Research Consortium are currently recruiting volunteers for ongoing and upcoming investigational studies for asthma research.  

Qualified Participants:

  • Diagnosed with asthma and are using a prescribed inhaler.
  • Between the ages of 12 and 75
  • Currently are on at least one prescribed inhaler 
  • Have not smoked for at least one year

Qualified Participants will Receive:

  • Study-related care at no cost
  • Highest standards of care overseen by a licensed Physician
  • Compensation for time and travel up to $385.00
  • Insurance is not required

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