Our Story


Clinical Research Consortium, (CRC) is a dedicated clinical research center working with pharmaceutical sponsors to advance patient care and wellness through world class clinical research by providing on site clinical coordinating services to the pharmaceutical industry.

CRC’s mission is to contribute to the development of reliable pharmaceutical compounds while improving the health of local, national and international communities. CRC’s staff has conducted over 250 clinical trials.  We have randomized over 5,000 patients in broad therapeutic areas and participated in developing over 100 pharmaceutical compounds

Alliance for Multispecialty Research (AMR)

The Alliance for Multispecialty Research was founded in 1994 to serve as a hub for shared marketing, business development, and best practices for elite clinical research centers. Exclusive membership was determined by rigorous peer review, revenue and quality requirements, geographic location, and therapeutic expertise.

In 2017, 15 AMR centers merged their businesses to form a single company. Two additional centers elected to remain independent but aligned operations and function seamlessly as AMR members. The new AMR now includes 17 locations across the continental United States, 126 investigators, and access to databases of over 657,344 patients. As one company, AMR now offers improved efficiencies with the same exceptional quality and industry professionals you trust.


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